Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America Internship and Mentoring Program

Great News! The Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America has completed the first part of the Internship and Mentoring Program that will serve as a career development resource for its members. The Brotherhood is fortunate to have a vast number of accomplished men and women with invaluable knowledge and expertise.

For many years, the members of the Brotherhood have supported each other through our faith, culture and traditions. This new initiative now allows us to further support each by offering professional opportunities and career development. The goal of this program is to identify and compile a portfolio of businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and skilled tradesmen/tradeswomen willing to enhance the knowledge and skill sets of our members pursuing careers in their similar field. We are looking to capture a diverse group to ensure that all careers and backgrounds are represented. However, for this program to succeed we need your participation!

Online you will find a PDF application that takes only a few minutes to complete. Please take the time to fill it out and submit. The submittal of this application is very important as we develop the second part of this internship program, which is the process of pairing our student members and young professionals up with representatives from their desired field of study or profession. Your participation in this new and innovative program will be used to assist and guide our members who are studying or looking to gain valuable experience in their future professions. Whether you’re able to offer employment, internship opportunities, or even just discuss your field and experience, you can directly assist our youth as they begin their professional careers.

For more info or questions please contact Supreme Vice President Damianos T. Skaros, who can provide additional information on the application as well as the program goals and process. Damianos can be contacted at or 716-983-2024.

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