The message of the president of Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America for September 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reelecting me as your Supreme President. I am honored by the trust you have placed in me and my fellow Lodge officers. We are committed to continuing the Brotherhood’s mission and at the same time work hard to prepare for the future. But let us not forget that only working together can we accomplish great things!

I would also like to offer my congratulations to the Akron and Columbus Chapters for hosting a great Convention. This Convention was a long time coming, over 40 years in the making. But it was worth the wait. The committee and chapter members put in a tremendous amount of hard work to organize this Convention. It was well attended and organized and more importantly full of Glendi.

Convention Highlights

For those of you that were not able to attend the Convention business meetings, there are several items to highlight:

Scholarships: The Foundation Scholarship Committee awarded 45 scholarships in the United States and 30 for Ikaria. While 75 scholarships are a commendable number, there is always room for growth. I highly encourage every high school senior, college undergraduate and graduate student that meet the scholarship criteria to apply for a scholarship next year.

Foundation: The Foundation is still on its quest to amend the Deed of Trust that governs the Foundation. Once amended, it will give greater flexibility to the Foundation members in selecting a new Trustee to replace PNC Bank.

Donations/Pledges: The convention body approved to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, assist with the refuge crises in the eastern Aegean Islands and start a fundraising campaign to help the Diagoras Athletic Club in Raches, Ikaria.

AHEPA: Our very own, AHEPA Supreme President Carl Hollister honored us by addressing the delegates. The President also informed the members on AHEPA’s efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Convention City: The Convention delegates approved the Spanos/Areti Chapter’s bid to host the 2019 Convention in Detroit, Michigan. It has been a while since we visited the Motor City. Plenty has changed, and we can’t wait to attend!

New Lodge

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new 2017-2018 Supreme Lodge. I want to welcome: Damianos T. Skaros, Supreme Vice President; Cathy Pandeladis, Supreme Secretary; Katerina Mavrophilipos, Supreme Treasurer; Maria Vardaros, Legal Counsel; Chrissa Lefes, Governor District 1; George Karnavas, Governor District 2; Steve Stratakos, Governor District 3; Evangelos J. Fragos, Governor District 4; Alexandra Katsas, Governor District 5; Governor District 6 (Vacant for the time being) and Erica Aivaliotis, Youth Governor District 7. Congratulations to all!

Supreme Lodge Meeting

Our first meeting is scheduled to take place in Detroit, Michigan on November 4th. The Lodge will conduct its review of the convention facilities during this meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend this and all future meetings. If there is any other Chapter that would like to host us throughout the year, please reach out to me.

Youth Conference

If your chapter is interested in hosting the 2018 Pan-Icarian Youth Conference, please let the Youth Governor know. It would be ideal for a chapter to host the Youth Conference in conjunction with a chapter event. Please email Youth Governor Erica Aivaliotis at if interested or for more information.


Our membership numbers continue to be a challenge. We are constantly utilizing new tools and methods to keep our membership at a healthy level. However, more can be done. It is very important that there is constant engagement on the local chapter level to keep up the interest and participation of their members. Let us not forget that everything starts on the local level. That said, please continue to Like Us on Facebook at and Follow Us on Twitter at or

Ikaria Fire Department

The Brotherhood has embarked on a project to assist the Main and Volunteer Firefighters in Ikaria. We just completed the purchase of some much-needed equipment and have collected slightly used uniforms and supplies to ship to Island.

Ikaria Magazine

At this year’s convention, the delegates approved increasing the number of issues of Ikaria Magazine to four (4) a year. This will allow us to publish information in a more timely manner. The deadline to submit items for the next issue is October 10, with the goal to arrive in mailboxes the first week of November. Dates for following issues will be January 15, April 15 and June 10. As always, in addition to chapter news we welcome articles for the Ikarian Spotlight, photographs old and new of life around the island, and other items of interest to Ikarians. If you have a service or product that would appeal to our members consider placing a sponsorship ad. Details appear in each issue and it is a tax-deductible donation

In closing, I once again want to thank you for your confidence and support! The Lodge and I promise to do our best to lead the Brotherhood to new levels. I also want to thank all the chapter officers and members of the Brotherhood for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year. The effort and commitment that you provide is exactly why our great organization continues to thrive!

Thank you for your time. Until next time…

Fraternally yours,
George Paralemos
Supreme President
Pan Icarian Brotherhood

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