The message of the president of Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America for March 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we celebrate Greece’s 197th Independence, it is a time to pay tribute to the Greek patriots who stood up against tyranny and sacrificed to restore democracy to its birthplace. They risked their lives because they knew freedom and democracy were both their proud legacy and their ultimate destiny.

Those patriots created the Greek nation we know today. And we celebrate it so grandly all over the world with parades and festivities. But all of that would have been impossible if those patriots had not stood up against all odds and fought against an oppressive empire. Every one of us has benefitted from the actions of almost two centuries ago.

Today, as Greece works for long-term prosperity, it continues to face external threats and financial challenges. More than ever we should be encouraged to help Greece overcome these challenges, just as we have in the past. That is why I ask for all of you to join me in commemorating our Greek heritage and the remarkable contributions we have made to the world. I ask that we all pay respects to those who sacrificed their lives to allow freedom of faith, freedom of expression and freedom for people to take root in Greece in 1821.

Fraternally yours,

George Paralemos
Supreme President
Pan Icarian Brotherhood

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