Concentration of pharmaceutical material for Athens firefighter in Ikaria

Expressing our solidarity to people in Athens, who don’t have basic things after the big fire, ikarians communities collect pharmaceutical materials (ointments for burns, painkillers, antiseptics, antibiotics, sterile gauze, Pulvo spray, disposable gloves, cotton).

Materials concentrated in all pharmacies in Ikaria and in

  • Agios Kirykos: (Pastry Shop of Stefos & Icarus Cafe)
  • Christos Rachon (Pastry Shop of K. Kochylas)
  • Armenistis (pastry shop of Chandiris)

All this movement will keep until 3o July when the things that collected will go to Athens.

The participating institutions are:

  • Union of Builders of Ikaria
  • Union of hotel staff of Ikaria
  • Union of Employees in the Municipalities of Ikaria & Fourni
  • Union of Democratic Women of Ikaria
  • Union of Pensioners Employed in Ikaria
  • Teachers’ Association Ikaria-Fourni
  • Ikaria Annex  of the Hellenic National Youth Council
  • A.O. Messaria (football team)
  • Diagoras Raches (football team)
  • Α.Σ. Hercules of Ikaria (basketball team)

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