31 July 1993:Who can forget?

Before 25 years in this day 13 ikarian people lost their life in the big fire that happened in our island.

We must not forget them. Their memories would be alway lead us. We would never forget how the government of Konstantinos Mitsotakis react in this case. For two days our island fired and people who were there switch the fire alone. 25 years after this blck day, another fire in Athens cost more human lifes. Our wishes are to be the last who lost their life with so unfair way.13 People die in year 1993 in Ikaria, near 100 people die in Mati

The 13 heroes who die in our Island were (the names written in Greek language):

1. Πούλος Ευστράτιος, ετών 80
2. Πούλου Κούλα, ετών 73
3. Πούλου Σταματούλα, ετών 67
4. Κήρυκος Γεώργιος – Ελευθέριος, ετών 39
5. Φυσίδας Ηλίας, ετών 25 .
6. Τσαγανός Δημήτριος, ετών 21
7. Μπρατσής Κωνσταντίνος, ετών 68
8. Πεσκέσης Γεώργιος, ετών 73
9. Πεσκέση Αικατερίνη, ετών 64
10.Λιάρης Σιδερής, ετών 69
11.Λιάρη Καλλιόπη, ετών 70
12. Ξυλά Γεωργία, ετών 18
13. Ξυλά Δέσποινα, ετών 65

We would always pray for them

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