Protests for gynecologist and pediatrician in Ikaria

Yesterday, Tuesday 30/10 at 1 noon the members of the Union of Democratic Women of Ikaria and the Women’s Group Ag. Kirykou made a protest at the Ikaria Hospital for Obstetricians-Obstetricians’ deficiencies and the absence of a pediatrician (due to the permission of the only physician to cover the above specialty). In their announcement they highlight:

“We are returning to your services with indignation because of the lack of a gynecologist in the hospital and the reluctant absence of a pediatrician. Because we believe that health is a social good, a right of every person and must be provided by the state free of charge and equally to all, from an exclusively public health system, we claim the obvious:

  • Doctors of all specialties, covering the needs of our families, all year round, 24 hours a day.
  • Without going back to all the demands that the mass organizations and the Municipality of Ikaria have repeatedly, and in the face of the Ministry of Health,


  1. Immediately fill the position of the gynecologist in the hospital as well as in the HC Evdilos and all the specializations provided in his organization chart.
  2. To be permanent pediatricians in every island health structure to fully meet the needs of the family, with a view to setting up a pediatric clinic in the hospital.
  3. Vaccination for all children under the responsibility of the state and control by public health structures.
  4. Grant childbirth allowance to all but women who are childbearing. Our children’s life is not a commodity.
  5. Full staffing of permanent staff of our island’s health facilities, all days and hours of the year.

We call on all women on the island, the workers, the unemployed, the mothers to take part in the Pan-Hellenic Strike on Wednesday, November 14 and the strike at Evdilos square at 12 pm.

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