The first money of the transport equivalent was credited to islanders’ accounts

Today, the first island cost compensation (ANIKO) payment for island travelers’ journeys was made for the period 10-26 July, as part of the implementation of the Equivalence Measure. The average pay per travel is 22 € for each beneficiary.

Tickets from 26 to 31 July will be paid at ANIKO’s next payment.

So far, over the first 20 days of the MI platform, 14,000 Unique Island Numbers have been issued, while approximately 2,500 tickets have been approved, residents of 22 islands.

Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Nektarios Santorinios, on the occasion of the first payment of the islanders by the measure of MI, said:

 «Essentially it is the first day the islanders perceive the benefits of MI in their lives. They also realize that the implementation of the measure has been structured so that it has little bureaucracy, since after MAN’s showdown to the agency, he does not need to do anything else to get the money credited to his account. The Transport Equivalent works, applying realistic island policies for the first time, and refuting the Cassandra who anticipated failure and bureaucracy. «

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